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Liquid crystal display (LCD) is a commonly used yet continuously evolving technology being used in many types of applications. The latest in LCD technology being used in laptop computers have particular standards associated with them established by the LCD manufacturers and the laptop makers. These industry standards are designed to maintain a balance between quality and affordability.

These terms and conditions apply for purchases directly through the LaptopPanel.com.au checkout process unless expressly stated otherwise in the item's listing or invoice (for example "Used - no warranty")

1.0 Standard Warranty

1.1 Standard Warranty

One Ninety Six Pty Ltd (or "the Company") provides full warranty coverage on all screens purchased for a period three years from the date of purchase of the respective screen, only if the purchase was made after 1/7/2015, (the "Standard Warranty Period") against manufacturer defects for all new screens purchased from One Ninety Six Pty Ltd or Montech Solutions (the "Warranty"). Purchases made prior to 1/7/2015 are covered by the previous 12 month warranty. All warranty claims will be handled by One Ninety Six Pty Ltd, even for purchases made whilst the website was operated by Montech Solutions. There is no change to the warranty offered. 

1.2 Defects

Defects covered under the Warranty include electronic defects, cosmetic defects and screens that are dead-on-arrival ("DOA"). Electronic defects are covered under the Standard Warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase of the respective screen and include Lines, Video Failure and Backlight Outage that are manufacturer defects of the screen and not caused by user mishandling or caused by a defect of another computer component (collectively, "Electronic Defects," individually defined in Section 11 Definitions at the end of the Terms & Conditions). Cosmetic Defects and DOA are covered for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase of the respective screen (the "Cosmetic Defect Period") and do not cover physical damage or defects as a result of Buyer mishandling. Should the merchandise be DOA or have a Cosmetic Defect, the Buyer must notify the Company by requesting a return merchandise authorization ("RMA") number within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase.

1.3 Standard Warranty Expiration

The Standard Warranty expires 3 years after the date of purchase of the respective screen.

2.0 Filing a Claim Against the Warranty and Screen Damage Protection Plan.

2.1 Filing a Claim

To initiate a claim against the Warranty or Screen Damage Protection Plan, the Buyer must request an RMA number via the RMA electronic submission form on the One Ninety Six Pty Ltd website by clicking on the Return Merchandise link within the Buyer's respective coverage period.

The Buyer must receive an RMA number before the Buyer may return merchandise to One Ninety Six Pty Ltd. Upon receipt of RMA number, the Buyer must provide RMA number in written form with returned screen(s).

The returned merchandise must be post marked within 3 years (warranty) or thirty (30) business days (Screen Damage Protection Plan) of receipt of RMA number or the returned merchandise will not be accepted and the RMA request will be cancelled.

Should an Electronic Defect, Cosmetic Defect or other occurrence be deemed by the Company to fall under the Buyer's respective Warranty or Screen Damage Protection Plan, the Company in its sole discretion may repair the merchandise, exchange the merchandise with an identical or compatible item or refund the Buyer the original purchase price of the screen (less Screen Damage Protection Plan Fee). If merchandise is exchanged for the returned merchandise, the exchanged item is covered by the respective warranty or Screen Damage Protection Plan until the original expiration.

If the item(s) returned by Buyer are not covered by the Buyer's respective warranty or Screen Damage Protection Plan or prove to be in working order within the warranty period, the Buyer must pay shipping charges associated with faulty claim, and a 30% restoking fee on the screen price ex shipping (only if item is in 100% original, new condition)

2.2 Wrong Screen Received

If the Buyer receives a screen different than the screen than the screen pictured and described in the listing (i.e. different backlight, connector, brackets, resolution, size), then the buyer can request a return through the Return section on the website, within 60 days of delivery. Incorrect purchases (i.e. incorrect backlight, connector, brackets, resolution, size purchase) are not covered in this section, and fall under 2.3 Return of Non-Defective Merchandise (change of mind returns) below. Once approved, the screen must be returned to One Ninety Six Pty Ltd within 10 days. Once received, One Ninety Six Pty Ltd will assess the return request, and if and incorrect screen has been sent, and the correct screen is available, One Ninety Six Pty Ltd will supply the correct screen at no extra cost, as long as the screen is received in 100% original condition. If damage or use is evident, then a reasonable restocking fee may be charged.

2.3 Return of Non-Defective Merchandise (change of mind returns)

If the Buyer receives merchandise that the Buyer ordered and would like to return the merchandise which do not meet criteria under the Warranty, or the Screen Damage Protection Plan for defects, the Buyer must request an RMA number (through the Returns section on the website) within 60 days of deliveryOnce approved, the screen must be returned to One Ninety Six Pty Ltd within 10 days. There is a 15% restocking fee on the price of screens ex. post for change of mind returns to cover the cost of processing, and the screen must received in 100% original condition. This re-stocking fee is waived if the buyer has purchased the incorrect screen and is purchasing another one from One Ninety Six Pty Ltd.

2.4 As-is Merchandise

As-is merchandise is covered by the Warranty except for defects that have been described to the customer. A description of the As-is item denoting any defects will be provided in the description or invoice.

2.5 Serial Numbers

Each of the Warranty or Screen Damage Protection Plan is void if the original serial numbers are removed or do not match those of merchandise originally shipped.

2.6 Return Shipping of Merchandise

The Buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges in all cases. The company will reject the package if the packing is improper, for eg. padded pack only, envelope or similar. 
The return shipping to the Company of merchandise that has been damaged due to user mishandling and which is covered by the Buyer's respective Screen Damage Protection Plan is the responsibility of the Buyer. 

2.7 Warranty Approval

The Company's judgment will be final in all decisions related to the Warranty or the Screen Damage Protection Plan.

2.8 Dead Pixels


A Dead Pixel is a defective sub-pixel and can be seen as a bright (white, red, green or blue) dot or a dark dot on a liquid crystal display. One Ninety Six Pty Ltd follows the LCD industrial standard. The company will replace a screen with more than two Dead/Stuck Pixels during the Warranty Period.


2.9 Protective Film Cover

Screens may come with a plastic protective film on the screen to protect it from scratching during the installation process. Do not remove this protective film until the screen has been installed and you have confirmed that the screen is working properly. Customers may be subject to a $25 repolarisation fee for any screen(s) returned to One Ninety Six Pty Ltd with scratch(es), regardless if the screen appears to be functioning properly or not.

3.0 Title and Risk of Loss

3.1 Damage or Missing Shipment

In the event that the Buyer receives goods in a damaged condition, then the Buyer must inform One Ninety Six Pty Ltd within 48 hours of delivery with photos of the goods and box. One Ninety Six Pty Ltd will carefully assess claims for validty, and work with the buyer and the shipping company in order to assist the buyer in the claims process. The Buyer may be required to return the damaged panel to One Ninety Six Pty Ltd for assessment.

If a reasonable claim is approved, One Ninety Six Pty Ltd will send out replacement goods with the same delivery speed as the original purchase.

One Ninety Six Pty Ltd cannot accept any liability for loss or damage if the buyer requests that the item can be left somewhere without requiring a signature from the buyer.

3.2 Laptop Screen Installation

Packing Requirements:
Should the Buyer elect to have the Company perform laptop screen installation services, the customer agrees to ship laptop in an Approved Laptop Box. An Approved Laptop Box is either 1) the original laptop box at the time of purchase of a customer's laptop or 2) one of the specifically designed laptop boxes provided by Australia Post. The Company will not accept laptop shipments not shipped in an Approved Laptop Box.

Title, Damage and Risk of Loss:
Should the Buyer elect to have the Company perform laptop screen installation services, the Company is not liable for damage or loss that may occur prior to the Company receiving the Buyer's laptop nor loss/damage that occurs during transit in returning the laptop, or loss/damage that may occur after the customer receives the returned laptop from the Company. In the unlikely event of damage or loss that occurs after the Company receives the Buyer's laptop and prior to the customer receiving the returned laptop, the company will repair, replace or pay out the fair market value of the item, as determined by us, at our discretion, . The Company is not responsible for any software, file or data loss. See also 10.0 Liability.

Return of Damaged Goods:
Any damage occurred during return shipping of Buyer's laptop, requires the Buyer to return Buyer's laptop in same laptop box to the Company. Failure to return Buyer's laptop in same laptop box to the Company releases the Company from all liability.

4.0 Shipping Charges

4.1 Customs Fees, Tariffs and Other Duties

The Buyer is responsible for all customs fees, tariffs and other duties related to merchandise purchased from the Company or merchandise returned to the Company.

4.2 RMA Return Shipping Cost

The Buyer is responsible for all fees associated with shipping merchandise back to One Ninety Six Pty Ltd unless otherwise noted by an authorized One Ninety Six Pty Ltd associate.

5.0 Completeness of Agreement

5.1 Completeness of Agreement

The following agreement represents the entire agreement between the Company and the Buyer for all transactions. No party is authorized to make changes without the express written consent of duly authorized officers of the Company. This agreement replaces all prior agreements, written or verbal between the Company and Buyer. It is the responsibility of the buyer to periodically check this agreement for any changes made.

6.0 Jurisdiction

6.1 Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed by laws in Victoria, Australia. You are waiving your right to bring the company upon actions from any other courts or jurisdictions. 

Pricing subject to change without notice. Stock errors or pricing errors may result in order cancellation.

7.0 Definitions

As-is: Merchandise that is being sold in its current state.
Backlight Outage: An Electronic Defect whereby the backlight of an LCD screen no longer emits light. A backlight outage is typically noted by a dim screen. A dim screen, however, may be due to other circumstances unrelated to the screen which would therefore not be covered by the Warranty.
Buyer: The party purchasing goods or services from the Company.
Cosmetic Defects: A physical defect which does not interfere with the operability of an item.
DOA: An item purchased from the Company by the Buyer that has been installed in its intended application and proves to be inoperable due to its own deficiency and not due to a defect in the intended application.
Fair Market Value: The price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.
Lines: A screen defect whereby a LCD screen exhibits vertical or horizontal lines and is not due to a defect of the laptop itself.
Secured Funds: Payment made by money order or bank certified check.
Video Failure: An Electronic Defect whereby the LCD screen does not render an image and is not caused by a defect in another component of the laptop.

8.0 Pricing & Availability

While great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of all website prices images and stock availability, we reserve the right to correct errors, cancel orders and adjust prices where errors have been made.

9.0 Intellectual Property

Any trademarks, brands trade names, copyright, designs and other intellectual property rights displayed on this site (“Intellectual Property”) other than those owned by One Ninety Six Pty Ltd remain the sole property of their respective owners. The use of any of the above to describe parts does not indicate that the parts are manufactured directly by the brand/trademark/copyright owners. For example, an Acer Aspire V5 screen replacement screen is not manufactured by Acer but will be fully compatible. See  "Compatibility & Trademark Disclaimer" for further information. 

10.0 Liability

The Company will in no circumstances be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect or special damages related to the supply of goods, use of the website or provision of repair services, to the maximum extent permitted by law. This includes items such as loss of revenue, opportunity, reputation, goodwill, loss of catalog/confidential/proprietary information, data recovery costs, etc. In the unlikely event that damage to your device occurs whilst in our possession, we will either repair, replace or pay out the fair market value of the item, as determined by us, at our discretion.

11.0 Disclaimer

Information on this site is provided "as is" "as available" without any warranty to its accuracy, completeness, fit for purpose. We are not responsible for the content, accuracy or opinions for any external weblink provided on the site.

12.0 Limit of use

You are granted a limited, nonexclusive licence to use this site solely for your own personal use, or company's use, in the process of seeking replacement parts or repair services offered by the site. You may not use the site for data collection or scraping purposes, unless it is solely for the purpose of search engine indexing. No part of the site may be reproduced or copied.

13.0 Use of cookies

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