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Compatibility   Medion MD96970 
Size & Backlight   15.4" LCD
Resolution   WXGA (1366 x 768)[Info]
Connector  30pin Top Right + CCFL
Mountings  Side Screws
Surface  Glossy A+ Grade
Screen Technology  TN
Touchscreen  No

The Medion MD96970 replacement screen uses a color active matrix TFT (Thin Film Transistor) liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses amorphous silicon TFTs as switching components. This Medion MD96970 replacement panel is composed of a TFT LCD panel, a driver circuit, and a backlight unit. This Medion MD96970 replacement LED Screen  can display up to 262,144 colors.

- High contrast ratio
- WXGA (1366 x 768) resolution
- Low power consumption
- Fast Response
- LCD back light with an embedded LCD driver
- DE (Data enable) only mode
- 3.3V LVDS Interface
- Onboard EDID chip

It is common that one laptop model may have few different types of screens. Make sure that new replacement screen has same size, resolution, backlight type as your original screen! only sell Genuine, High-quality laptop panels made by well-known manufacturers. All laptop models use the same types of panels as the ones we supply so they are 100% compatible with all laptop models. There are no fake or generic panels on the market because they cost a lot to make and they’re not easy to manufacture. Subsequently, only large corporations have the ability to manufacture LCD panels. These include AUO, Chi-Mei, Toshiba, Hannstar, Chunghwa, Samsung, LG Philips, Sharp, Hydis Hyundai, etc. They are also well-known suppliers of other electronic components.

* Please note, we will provide a screen that is compatible to the model you request. Often, the model that is compatible may have a different model number to the original panel number.

Medion MD96970 Replacement Laptop LED LCD Screen