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  • TOUCH SCREEN Lenovo Ideapad C340-14 Series Replacement Laptop LED LCD Full HD Assembly

TOUCH SCREEN Lenovo Ideapad C340-14 Series Replacement Laptop LED LCD Full HD Assembly

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Type: Screen + Touch Digitizier + Frame + Circuit Board Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080p)

We are one of Australia’s largest laptop LED LCD screen and touch screen sellers. We supply replacement panels to individuals and repairers all around Australia. Our parts are high quality replacements for your device and are fully backed by our warranty.

This Screen + Touch Digitizier + Frame + Circuit Board replacement is compatible with your Lenovo Ideapad C340-14 Series and is a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) liquid crystal (LCD) display. The Lenovo Ideapad C340-14 Series -compatible Screen + Touch Digitizier + Frame + Circuit Board is specifically designed as a high quality relacement for your laptop.

Please carefully check all specifications (and photos if applicable) to ensure this is correct for your laptop.


 Lenovo Ideapad C340-14 Series 




 Full HD (1920 x 1080p) [Info]


 30pin (eDP) + Touch Connector

Screen Technology


Part Type 

 Screen + Touch Digitizier + Frame + Circuit Board

Other details

 HD and Full HD are interchangeable. HD can upgrade to Full HD.


 12 months

Please carefully check the above specifications as well as all images to ensure a match.

Repair service

We also offer a complete installation and repair service for Lenovo laptops. If you’re interested in this, please contact us. We also operate a repair centre that services clients around Melbourne as well as all around Australia. Furthermore, we offer a mail-in, repair, mail back service. Contact us to find out more. We have expertise in repairing your Lenovo Ideapad C340-14 Series and can ensure the job is done properly, quickly and correctly the first time! We can provide you with a free quote on getting your C340-14 Series screen replaced or repaired and back to you ASAP.

Quality Parts

Our Lenovo Ideapad C340-14 Series compatible screens are individually inspected and tested. We source parts from high quality manufacturers, many which will be of original-quality for your Lenovo notebook PC. Lenovo specifically design touch screens to work in their unique range of laptop models. Our replacement parts are a great alternative to purchasing directly from Lenovo, and will save you a significant sum of money!

Replacement part types

This Lenovo Ideapad C340-14 Series compatible replacement touch screen is a Screen + Touch Digitizier + Frame + Circuit Board. This Lenovo compatible screen is specially manufactured for the C340-14 Series. 

Digitizer only 

The digitizer also known as the ‘glass’ is the externally exposed part of the screen assembly that the user interfaces with. This normally does not include the frame or bezel unless specifed.


 The screen and touch component are supplied as a sealed, pre-assembled unit. It may include other components such as the plastic frame/bezel or touch board (if pictured) if description states so.

Complete Unit 

This includes the full top assembly (screen + lid + webcam/wifi, frame, digitizer/glass). These are carefully assembled especially for a specific notebook model. Note, there may be colour variations, so please check

Inbuilt Touch

The touch component is within the panel itself, and no digitizer is needed

1. Ensure the laptop is fully powered off

2. Disconnect the Lenovo AC/DC power adapter

3. Disconnect or remove your battery

4. Ensure you are not generating unnecessary static

5. Carefully remove your cracked, damaged or broken Ideapad C340-14 Series screen

6. Follow reverse procedure for re-assembly, making sure all connectors are 100% flush, and fully inserted. Take extreme care when clipping the new screen back in. 

CAUTION: ensure cables are routed within the original clips or channels. NEVER click the screen into the frame of the laptop by pressing or squeezing with your fingers, as pressure on a small area can cause it to crack when re-assembling. We recommend you spread the pressure over a larger area, by either shutting the lid gently once everyhthing is perfectly in place, and pressing on the back of the lid, or using a flat cloth and laying a ruler along one edge of the screen, then pressing down softly. If you feel like you are using too much force, then likely something isn’t aligned. 

• Touch erratic – this may mean that some part of the glass digitizer has been damaged and therefore, your laptop is not receiving the expected signal anymore

• Bleeding screen – parts of the screen may appear to be unclear and ‘bleed’ into other areas 

• Black spots on the LCD LED Panel – this is common if pressure or heat has been applied to the laptop, damaging the internal screen

• Cracked Screen – you may still see some image, or no image at all, or you may be looking at a modern artwork

• Cracked Digitizer/Glass – if you still see the image clearly behind the glass, then it is likely that only the digitizer/glass is broken. If this is the case however you may need to replace the glass + panel, as they are sometimes impossible to separate

• Vertical or horizontal lines on the panel – this can be caused by heat or pressure being applied around the screen

• Grey or black screen – the screen may have failed over time

• Flickering* - this may be a faulty screen, but can also mean a faulty LCD/LVDS/eDP cable

• Touch not working* – part of the glass may have had some pressure applied causing it to not work, or it may be a faulty touch controller board

• No backlight* - you may be able to see a very faint image or no image at all. This could be a faulty LED component on the screen but may also be an issue with the laptop’s motherboard.

* Note these issues may be a result of a fault other than the screen – contact us before ordering.

As laptops get smaller, lighter and more aesthetically pleasing they have also become more fragile. Lenovo has produced some fantastic laptops recently, but often they are not the most durable in the world and are prone to being damaged or broken. 

As is the case with many different types of electronics, laptops sold by major manufacturers, the panels are not actually produced by the company at all. Rather, the laptop companies source parts from many different manufacturers, and the final assembly occurs in one of only a few factories (Foxconn, Pegatron, etc.). Simply searching "Apple Suppliers 2011" will give you a list, published by Apple, of over 200 suppliers they use for their production.

These Lenovo compatible screens used by all major laptop brand are produced by only a hand full of laptop screen manufacturers. These companies all supply many laptop brands, and the brands also use many different laptop screen manufacturers. The screens we supply come from major manufacturers, and are compatible with your original laptop. They either very similar or indistinguishable from the original parts.  

Two identical laptops from the same brand may use 2 different brands of screens, however both are built to specification and are cross-compatible with each other. If you are having some trouble, then simply contact us, and we'll be happy to help you out!

Just note this may mean that the screen you receive has a different model number to the one you originally had, but it will still be compatible. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We DO NOT recommend ‘upgrading’ the screen on your laptop without first contacting us or unless the description states this is an option, as often higher resolution or refresh rate screens have different connectors or plastic frames.

Lenovo Ideapad C340-14 Series Screen + Touch Digitizier + Frame + Circuit Board compatible replacement Laptop LED LCD Touch Screen Australia